Uganda Diaspora Accommodations is a limited company serving clients as an independent Agency. We have three main areas of Operations:

1. Accommodations: Our base clients are those Ugandans and foreigners residing abroad, who have no permanent homes in Uganda, go to Uganda for business, tour, vacation and visiting relatives. With our officers in North America and Europe, we have the skills, knowledge and customer care to serve you, to get the best affordable deal where our motto is:
– 24 hour security of the rental units
– Clean units and compound
– Best value for money that you can afford.

2. Tourism: To provide the best tour & Safari services to our clients from abroad and within Uganda. Services offered are packaged so that you choose what you want and can afford. These include Game safari, Birding, Mountain hiking, Hot springs of Semuliki, Volcanic crater lakes, Rwenzori mountains, camping, car hire, Historical sites tours, Islands beaches, Stalagmites & Stalactites, source of river Nile, mountain gorilla tracking,

3. Land and House sales: Our Real Estate branch is there to serve you as your Real Estate Agents. We know how Ugandans in Diaspora go through when they entrust their hard earned income to their friends, close relatives and spouses. Our team comprises trusted men and women in legal practice who will ensure your investments in real estate are free of encumbrances and ensure you get the best value for money.

Semuliki hotsprings in Uganda